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How we can help

We provide ad-hoc consulting as well as guided workshops, diving into the mindsets and practices required to inspire and drive people in the age of knowledge work.

From better understanding yourself and others in tricky, high-stakes situations, to shaping a positive workplace, attracting and maintaining the talent you need, and raising overall performance in a sustainable way.

Target audience

Leaders and managers who are interested in getting better results in their organizations while reducing stress, tensions and ego plays.

Common themes

Tackling complexity & ambiguity

Improve your ability to navigate and thrive under high degree of uncertainty, and rapidly changing conditions.

Adopting systems-thinking

Develop a deeper understanding of how seemingly unrelated actions interact and how to prevent unintended consequences.

Improving decision-making

Momentum is critical for a healthy organization. Balancing depth and speed in tackling different types of challenges can dramatically improve the overall performance.

Unleashing high-performance in teams

Unleashing the full potential of teams is essential to tackle complex challenges, yet it is rarely addressed beyond an adoption of a framework (e.g., Scrum).

Coaching for performance

No other mindset or skill will influence the overall culture and resulting performance in the long run. Being able to challenge people in an effective and sustainable way is today a necessity.

Increasing self-awareness

Increasing awareness to the way you operate, and where you might be sabotaging your own efforts can transform not only how you experience work, but also your entire team.

Making innovation sustainable

Creating the conditions that ignite and reward innovation in the entire organization, and moving past the isolated innovation lab mindset.

In good hands

Our workshops and consulting materials are developed by Yanay Zohar, who has helped dozens of companies adopt better ways to lead, innovate and achieve higher performance in a sustainable manner.


Incredibly insightful and useful material.

One of the best workshops I have ever taken, and much of it is thanks to Yanay's ability to deliver such important topics in an engaging way.

image Dr. Iftach Sadeh // Berlin

fundamentally changed my daily work.

I took part in both the strategy and leadership workshops and can't recommend them enough. If you care about making an impact, these are some powerful programs.

image Rebecca Ross // London

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