Strategy Explorer

Ignite fresh thinking, uncover opportunities and assess potential

How we can help

We provide ad-hoc consulting as well as guided workshops that give you an opportunity to rise above the daily grind, challenge your assumptions, explore different perspectives, and gain new insights.

Target audience

Leaders and managers who are involved in strategic decision making or implementation, whether in a large corporation or a small startup, can benefit greatly from this program.

Common themes

Systems thinking

Develop a deeper awareness of the interdependencies between different parts of your organization. Learn how to examine and act in complex environments that have a high degree of uncertainty.

Future forecasting

Improve your ability to notice and predict trends and asses their probability. Discover how "thinking in bets" can help you better allocate resources and reduce risks.

Decision making

Develop a more structured approach to the decision-making process, identify biases faster, ensure risk-aversion isn't taking over, and maximize overall learning.

Focus sharpening

Having clarity on what drives you, which values do you stand for, and how they manifest in everyday life can dramatically improve performance. A focused vision will also allow you to attract and retain the right people.

Resilience building

No matter how well you plan, reality can always end up surprising you. Anticipating and preparing for potential outcomes will reduce your response time and build organizational resilience.

In good hands

Our workshops and consulting materials are developed by Yanay Zohar, who has helped dozens of companies adopt better ways to lead, innovate and achieve higher performance in a sustainable manner.


Incredibly insightful and useful material.

One of the best workshops I have ever taken, and much of it is thanks to Yanay's ability to deliver such important topics in an engaging way.

image Dr. Iftach Sadeh // Berlin

fundamentally changed my daily work.

I took part in both the strategy and leadership workshops and can't recommend them enough. If you care about making an impact, these are some powerful programs.

image Rebecca Ross // London

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