Team Performance

Achieve sustainable high-performance teamwork, increase trust and improve collaboration

How we can help

We provide ad-hoc consulting as well as guided workshops, focusing on two key aspects of successful teamwork:
Effective collaboration, and a robust process for superior results.

In some teams the main barrier is a high degree of friction resulting from differences in personalities. In others, a lack of a solid results-driven process can lead to frustration and low engagement.

By addressing both aspects, we help teams gain remarkable energy and momentum.

The journey to high performance, increased accountability and satisfaction starts here.

Target audience

Teams and team leaders who require a high degree of collaboration and dependency will benefit the most from this program.

Common themes

Communicating effectively

Tools and norms to dramatically improve internal conversations

Increasing clarity

Reducing ambiguity and establishing ways to keep in sync

Raising accountability

Holding each other to higher standards

Redefining metrics

Developing awareness to what drives real impact

Reality check

Concrete ways to notice progress and correct course when needed

Promoting openness

Pragmatic ways to encourage a diversity of opinions

Managing conflicts

Acquire ways to extract insights from disagreements while diffusing emotional side effects

Adjusting rhythms

Balancing performance and recovery for sustainable performance

In good hands

Our workshops and consulting materials are developed by Yanay Zohar, who has helped dozens of companies adopt better ways to lead, innovate and achieve higher performance in a sustainable manner.


Incredibly insightful and useful material.

One of the best workshops I have ever taken, and much of it is thanks to Yanay's ability to deliver such important topics in an engaging way.

image Dr. Iftach Sadeh // Berlin

fundamentally changed my daily work.

I took part in both the strategy and leadership workshops and can't recommend them enough. If you care about making an impact, these are some powerful programs.

image Rebecca Ross // London

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