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    We're on a mission to transform ambitious organizations into to innovation-driven and engaging environments.

    Yanay Zohar
    Founder & CEO
    isMASSIVE was founded by Yanay Zohar, with over 15 years of experience igniting innovation and transformations in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500.

    While working at Digital McKinsey, he was directly involved in transforming some of the world’s biggest companies.

    You can find some of his articles on Medium and LinkedIn.

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Our Manifesto

Before you decide if our approach is right for you, it’s important you know what we stand for. The closer we are in mindsets, the bigger the impact we can achieve.

We believe in taking a journey together, instead of handing over a "how-to" manual
We communicate through discussions, not documents
We commit to honesty and candor, never shying away from uncomfortable conversations
We never jump into prescribing a solution before carefully studying the problem
We believe an organization's culture can be its biggest asset or its biggest obstacle
We believe sustainable innovation is driven by mindsets over processes
We believe leadership is about inspiring, enabling and guiding people, not about commanding them
We are committed to constant improvement and growth, both personally and professionally
We believe sustainable success relies on maintaining a balanced lifestyle
We believe the pace the world is changing requires us to think and act boldly