Powerful programs for ambitious
forward-thinking organizations

Inspiring, empowering, satisfying.

That's how work can be.

But it takes work.

The art of pretending

Agile, Scrum, and many other "certified" modern approaches improve performance in a limited and superficial way, ignoring root causes. In most cases that's just putting lipstick on a pig.

Low engagement, frequent conflicts, and lack of momentum -
These are just a few common symptoms of unresolved deeper problems.
It takes courage to call out "best practices" in leadership and management as ineffective, and adopt new ways of working, thinking and leading.

Organizations that fail to unlock the full potential of their people will eventually lose their top talent for companies who do.

A deeper alternative

We believe in a holistic approach.

Our programs draw on years of experience with world-leading organizations, combined with the latest research in fields such as behavioral psychology, design thinking and systems thinking.

It's time to awaken creativity, purpose, and momentum in your organization.

Today's workforce craves it.
Tomorrow's challenges demand it.

We are here for those who refuse to accept anything less.

Our programs

Experience our high-impact programs on:


Go beyond recycled ideas

Intensive programs to reignite fresh thinking, uncover opportunities and assess potential.

Strategy programs


Say goodbye to command and control

Transformative programs towards smarter, healthier and bolder organizations.

Leadership programs

Team Performance

Forget made-up OKRs

Pragmatic approach for sustainable high-performance culture and superior collaboration.

Team Performance programs

Guiding principles

All of our work is grounded in certain mindsets. They guide everything we do and shape the way we collaborate with our clients:


We believe remarkable results don't happen by accident. Becoming extraordinary requires making bold moves.


We focus on simplifying key areas that have the highest impact.


Sustainable success relies on knowing when to push harder and when to slow down.


Each program is a journey we share together. Your success is our reputation.

Proudly serving:


What participants say about our programs


Arnold B.
Head of Product

Some changes were so dramatic that we can't believe how we were operating before [taking the training].

It's profound, practical and truly inspiring.


Sarah H.
VP People and Culture

We often invite external training programs, but rarely they make a deep impact on our culture.

This was the exception. Some conversations forced us to confront very charged topics, but we're grateful for facing them head on.


Mark G.
Senior Director

Very much enjoyed the no-nonsense approach.

We learned a lot about ourselves, and adopted many practical practices. Do yourself a favor and take the strategy workshop!